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Door Tallahassee White Glazed Light 30x80-Home Doors

Door Tallahassee White Glazed Light 30x80-Home Doors

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manufacturing company presents an ultra modern interior door with solid core - Tallahassee. This stunning design of vertical frosted glass insert visually crosses with seven horizontal frosted glass inserts. The beauty and simplicity of wooden solid core panels with a combination of vertical and horizontal glass inserts creates the interior with sunshine and liveliness of the room. The door which is covered by White finish is called cellulose dope and gives a new fresh breath to the US door industry. That is a new type of covering which has the thickness of 150 microns. The covering is nearly equal to the thickness of plastic-the most durable and strong coverings in the USA. The cost for the cellulose dope is much cheaper and eco friendly than plastic.

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