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Double Pack Pickleball Paddle Set

Double Pack Pickleball Paddle Set

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Product Description s Pickleball Set comes with everything you need to get going -- two paddles, two balls, & two sweatbands! The paddles provide players with excellent touch, a large sweet spot, and great spin – perfect for beginners and experts alike. The set comes in beautiful packaging, making it a great gift for family, friends, or yourself! is woman-owned and operated with a mission to bring more joy and color into the world through pickleball. Additional Features & Details INCLUDES The set includes 2 pickleball paddles, two pickleballs, two sweatbands, and a beautiful gift box. Details and specifications on the paddles are below. CARBON FIBER SURFACE The carbon fiber surface is durable and strong, leading to consistent hitting when serving, dinking, or volleying. POLYMER HONEYCOMB CORE The honeycomb core consists of a polypropylene interior that enables the paddle to be light yet powerful. This polymer honeycomb is the most durable & quiet core on the market. MID-WEIGHT CLASS This midweight paddle is great for pop and power, but is light enough to enable excellent control and transitions at the net too. CUSHIONED GRIP Our grip has an octagonal shape, like a tennis racquets grip. This makes it perfect for those transitioning from tennis. DESIGN STORY The Bainbridge design is named after the island near Seattle, Washington where three dads got creative with random sports equipment and blessed us with the sport of pickleball. This paddle reminds us of ferry boats, mountain tops peeking over clouds, and the beautiful blues of the Puget Sound.

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