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E22158 Seatalk 1 To Seatalkng Converter Kit

E22158 Seatalk 1 To Seatalkng Converter Kit

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The included seatalkng components establish basic connectivity of the trunk network. Works with select seatalk1 products; instruments, pilot heads, GPS sensors and lifetag sensors Easy plug-and-play connectivity with seatalkng networks. The Seatalk to Seatalkng converter kit is a compact solution that connects in line with the Seatalkng instrument network. Easily expands using Seatalkng net components. Box contents: seatalk1 to seatalkng converter, seatalkng terminators (x2), seat alkng blind plugs (x2), seatalk1 to seatalkng converter cable, 1 m seat-alkng power cable, 1 m seatalkng cable.

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