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Easter Bunny - A Christmas Story Cardboard Standup

Easter Bunny - A Christmas Story Cardboard Standup

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A Christmas StoryDeranged Easter Bunny Cardboard StandupThis is a cardboard cutout of Ralphie from the popular movie A Christmas Story dressed up as an Easter bunny. This could be one of the worst Halloween costumes ever, and he is so mad about it that he becomes a deranged Easter bunny! Size: 64 x 22 Loads of fun at parties! High quality Life-size celebrity stand ups are great for media rooms. dens, parties, offices, stores and any gathering place! Stand up is fully licensed high quality merchandise. Photographic quality image appears on front of heavy corrugated and constructed cardboard body. These fold in half for easy storage and comes attached to a fold out rear support, turning it into free standing tripod design.

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