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Ek50ml13811 Micro Crimping Tool Kit, 13.8 Mm Jaw

Ek50ml13811 Micro Crimping Tool Kit, 13.8 Mm Jaw

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The GREENLEE Microtool Kit With 13mm Jaw, 110V charger enhances a basic tool with technology to make a convenient crimping tool for electricians. This product runs on a battery that provides you the power to crimp using 90 percent less effort when compared to a bare hand-powered version (effectively reducing hand force from 53-pounds to 6-pounds). The battery that powers this crimping tool is lithium-ion which outputs 10.8V. You can perform up to 250 crimps in a single charge, which reduces hand fatigue. This 13 mm jaw crimping tool has an overmolded tacky grip for comfortable handling. It also has an Intelligent Crimping System technology which alerts you if a crimp fails to complete a cycle. When this crimping tool is low on battery charge, an LED battery-level light warns you. Another LED light is built in to illuminate dark working spaces.

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